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For a couple, planning their wedding day is one of the most special experiences of their lives. Right from choosing the venue to the wedding dress, many things require making several decisions and spending enough time together on them. The engagement ring and the wedding ring to me are two of the most important things associated with the journey to this historical day, as they are going to last with you forever, unlike most other items which will be tucked away with the end of the ceremony. 

While my personal advise to the groom/ couple is to always view the diamonds upfront before making the purchase, especially when it is for an important milestone jewel such as the engagement or wedding ring, online engagement and wedding jewelry shopping has definitely experienced a huge wave of acceptance in recent times.

One of the greatest advantage of buying your engagement ring from an online jeweler in Dubai or internationally, is the multiple style of engagement rings you get the access to, on a single platform. We provide different styles according to your taste and if we don’t have a style you want, we can personalize a ring for you. Our fine jewelry is crafted in 18K gold and set with certified diamonds and other precious colored gemstones.

Here is my pick of the 10 most popular styles of engagement and wedding rings : 

10. Solitaire ring set with a Round brilliant diamond


This classic style continues to be one of the most popular style for engagement rings. Round brilliant diamonds make up of about 75% of all diamond purchases and offer the most sparkle out of all the diamonds. 

The crown has a table facet, bezel facets, star facets, and upper half facets.  Below the girdle, the pavilion has lower half facets, pavilion main facets and a culet. The number, size, and the way in which the features are placed convey the amazing sparkle. 

Points to note before you buy round brilliant diamond engagement rings in Dubai :

* When you shop for diamond in Dubai be aware of the lighting under which you view it.

*  RBC (Round Brilliant Cut) diamond has the maximum fire (red, blue, yellow or orange flashes) and brilliance (brightness) when you view it under the light. It reflects almost all the light that enters the diamond creating the maximum sparkle and life. 

* The cut grade is an important aspect in deciding the general appearance of a diamond. A poorly cut diamond will appear to be dull even if it has great clarity and color.  On the other hand, a well-cut diamond can have a lower color (G-H) or clarity (SI1-SI2) and still look stunning, because of its better feature to create a sparkle and brilliance.

9. Solitaire ring with Fancy cut diamond


Basically, all diamond cuts sold for use in jewelry are one of ten fancy or round cut diamond shapes. The most well-known diamond shapes are:

* Round – round brilliant cut diamond

* Princess– square princess cut diamond

* Emerald cut – rectangular step cut diamond

* Oval cut – similar to the round brilliant but elongated like an oval

* Marquise cut – boat shaped with pointed ends

* Heart cut – romantic heart shaped brilliant cut

* Pear cut - pear shaped diamond is a mix of a round and a marquise shape, with a diminished point toward one side

* Cushion cut - The cushion cut diamond is a combination of a square cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow

* Asscher cut - The Asscher cut diamond is similar to the emerald cut, It is a stepped square cut with larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table. the Asscher has cropped corners

* Radiant cut - The radiant cut diamond is a combination of the sparkle of the Emerald cut diamond and the brilliance of the Round.

8. Three stone ring 


Three stone rings are very popular and for good reason. They are are another timeless style.The Proportion is an important factor in the aesthetics of a three stone ring. You shouldkeep in mind the centre stone size and whether that specific size will work in three stone design. In our opinion, focusing towards the centre while keeping the sides proportionate (length to width ratio) will give you the most elegantly balanced finished ring. The cutting style of the side stones is also an important factor to be considered while choosing a three stone ring.

Points to note before you buy three stone engagement rings in Dubai       

  • Be sure to have the ring independently properly evaluated.
  • Stress on proper certification of the diamonds. 
  • Ensure that the height difference between the centre and side diamonds is uniform and the diamonds securely set.

7. Trinity ring


Three bands of three colors : Pink, yellow and white gold stand for love, fidelity and friendship. The three colors are intertwined to a beautiful craft known as Trinity ring style created by the Louis Cartier in 1924.

Point to note before you buy Trinity rings in Dubai        

  • It is a little difficult to have a Trinity ring resized to fit the finger. Therefore knowledge of the exact ring size is crucial.

6. Eternity band


For me, a diamond eternity band displays an eternal expression when worn as an engagement or wedding ring. With a row or multiple lines of diamonds that circle the ring entirely, these bands are elegant from any angle and exhibit an eternal radiance unmatched by other styles.

While considering an eternity band it is essential to remember the cut and size of the diamonds, the setting style, and the width of the band. 

Points to note before you buy eternity band in Dubai : 

  • It is quite difficult to have an eternity ring resized to fit the finger. Therefore knowledge of the exact ring size is crucial.
  • Stress on proper certification of the diamonds
  • The diamonds should complement each other in terms of color, clarity and cut. 

5. Half eternity band


Half eternity band are quite popular as well. Rather than a complete circle of diamonds like in a diamond eternity ring, half-eternity rings just have diamonds on the face of the wedding band. It's a less expensive alternative compared to eternity rings since an only half a number of diamonds are used, unless you decide to go for bigger size of the diamonds .

Points to note before you buy half eternity band online in Dubai

  • Stress on proper certification of the diamonds
  • The diamonds should complement each other in terms of color, clarity and cut. 
  • Consider the choice of metal color : 18K Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow gold as it can add dollops to the overall look. 

4. Split shank engagement rings


In a Split shank engagement ring, the shank is the unique feature of the engagement ring. The Shank is basically the band of the ring or the part that supports the middle setting. In a split shank ring, it splits in half till the center. It could be diamond studded, plain platinum, engraved, curved (hello lace shank), or doubled or tripled up. 

It gives the ring an open look, by opening up the negative space between two shanks. It can make the middle stone look much bigger. Itgives the engagement ring a modern and classy vibe, and still leaves a lot of space for unique customization. 

Points to note before you buy split shank engagement rings online in Dubai

  • Stress on proper certification of the diamonds
  • Keep in mind the size of the centre stone. It should still stay as the focal point of the ring.
  • Keep in mind the ring size of the wearer. The design features of the shank should not appear overwhelming to the wearer for daily wear. 

3. Engagement ring and wedding band sets


While your wedding ring and engagement ring don't need to be worn as one, if you do want to wear them together, it's essential that the band doesn't overpower the engagement ring. Balance is essential!

Points to note before you Buy engagement ring and wedding band sets online in Dubai :

  • The diamonds should complement each other in terms of color, clarity and cut
  • The design of the engagement ring and wedding ring should complement each other and ideally, the bands should sit flush when worn together.

2. Pop of color


To most women, diamonds are their best friends. However, in some cases, not everybody wants a clear sparkler. Nowadays ladies are looking out for added color like never before for their unique rings.

Emeralds are such a lovely choice for an engagement ring. Symbolizing affection and trust, it is positively a suitable stone to decide. Another popular option is sapphire, which symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity. 

Points to note before you Buy pop of color on diamond rings online in Dubai : 

  • Keep in mind the size of the centre stone. It should still stay as the focal point of the ring
  • Keep in mind the size, color and cut of the surrounding diamonds. 
  • Consider the choice of metal color : 18K Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow gold. It should complement the choice of color of the stones. 

1. Personalized Engagement rings and Wedding Bands


There are the innumerable styles of engagement and wedding rings, and then there is the personalized ring. There is always something about wearing a personalized and custom crafted ring. What I like about personalized rings is that it says a thousand things, and it says it your way !

Working with your trusted jeweler and creating a symbolic jewel that is inspired by your unique story and sentiments, seems like the most befitting way to mark such an important milestone in your life. 

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