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Everyone loves a good story. Some intrigue us, some inspire us, some give us hope, but my favorite ones are those that make us believe in unconditional, ever-lasting love. And, it gives me immense happiness when I get an opportunity to showcase such stories through my jewelry. It’s when the process of creating a jewel becomes something much more than just that – it becomes all about re-creating a love story that is particularly special. Ashwini and AJ’s tale of love is one such story and what makes it phenomenal is that it isn’t your typical romance but one laden with adventures through and through.

 My first interaction with Ashwini was way back in 2015 when they were expecting a baby. She had come across one of my custom cufflink designs (these ones are a personal favorite) with first footprints of baby as an engraving.


      Baby footprint cufflinks          


She wanted to gift one to her husband with their baby’s footprints who was soon to be born. This special gesture surely made me aware of the wonderful love they share, but I was still oblivious to their roller-coaster journey together. Until a couple of months ago, when she approached me again for creating something that would become one of my favorite projects thus far.

When Ashwini and AJ decided to spend their lives together a decade ago, they had to elope and get married as their parents were not ready to accept the match. Over the years, their parents warmed up to their relationship, but the couple knew they would like to renew their vows sometime. Fast forward to 10 years after being hitched and becoming parents, this gorgeous couple decided to renew their vows while planning a brilliant getaway in Sri Lanka, an annual holiday ritual they undertake with their friends. Only this time, it would be extra special.

When Ashwini approached me for getting their rings made for this special occasion, I instantly knew that the rings had to reflect their love, their journey together and things that bind them in this beautiful bond. She mentioned how they were a couple who always seek adventure, love to explore and their favorite activity together is hiking. As I probed her about revealing the best moments she spent with her hubby, she talked about their first ever hike together back in 2007– the mid night trek at Skandagiri near Bangalore, India. She shared a stunning picture they clicked from the top of the hiking trail as the sun rose above a blanket of cottony clouds underneath. She showed me another picture close to her heart, from one of their other favorite treks, at Kemmangundi, Karnataka. 


Ashwini and AJ, Kemmangundi trek   


Skandagiri, 2007 


 Hearing the passion with which she talked about the hikes and how the experience brings them closer, it was clear in my mind that the design of the rings had to be inspired by their most memorable hikes together. The beautiful clouds and sky above the sunrise at Skandagiri served as an inspiration for the outer texture of both the rings. I also created an illustration of the couple deriving from their lovely picture at Kemmangundi, to be engraved on the inner rim of the rings.  

Inner engraving details taking shape 


From sketch to reality  


For Ashwini’s ring, I decided on a fine yellow gold engraving running along the center of the ring set with a classy yellow citrine, symbolizing the rising sun on the horizon.

The very first design draft of Ashwini's ring


“I have never been much of a jewelry person, I am always very minimalist. But as we planned the renewal of vows, I knew our rings had to be extra special and I needed to get them designed from someone who would replicate our love into the bands that we finally would get to exchange in front of our close friends and our family. Having already got a personalized piece made from her, and experiencing the love and care she puts in the design process, I knew she was my go-to person,” Ashwini recounts.

 What made it all the more special, and perhaps brought their journey full circle was when Ashwini wanted to engrave the name of their son ‘Vicken’ on the rings, which I placed on the inner rim as well.

Engraving of their son's name 'Vicken'


 “Vinita puts her heart in whatever she designs and it shows. Despite not being able to meet and only sharing my brief over phone and messages, she understood exactly what I wanted. She worked around the budget I had in mind, coming up with rings that exceeded my expectations.”

“She loves to involve her clients in the making of these pieces as much she is involved in it herself. In fact, she was the one who would constantly reach out and engage me in the entire process,” Ashwini quips.

As I saw the pictures of their beautiful vow renewal and ring exchange, I could see how thrilled   they were to finally re-live their love story in front of all their loved ones, something they had missed out on the last time around.

 The finished bands for the lovely couple


Ashwini and AJ at their vow renewal, Dec 2018


Dear Ashwini and AJ, thank you for letting me be a part of the second innings of your happily ever after, with a symbol that will remind you of the adventure that your love has been and always will be.

Make everyday a Valentine’s day for your loved one and gift them a piece of jewelry which weaves in your warm, fuzzy love story.  To create your own personalized piece you can contact us here.

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