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Through the years that I came to love and study jewelry design, I would often look at a statement or a unique piece and imagine the personality of the person who would wear it. It is funny and rather rewarding how I get to do the exact opposite now! To create custom pieces that perfectly resonate with the wearer’s personality and reflect their stories is a passion. Precisely the reason why I instantly imagined the vibe that Mrinalini’s jewelry piece would give out when I first spoke with her. 

 Fun, zesty, quirky and extremely amiable – that’s how I would describe Mrinalini, right from the first time we spoke over a call. I had earlier designed a wedding ring for a common friend, and that’s how she got in touch to share and discuss what she wanted for her very own special day. 

 “When my partner David and I started talking about the rings we wanted, we were clueless where to begin. The only thing we were certain about was that we wanted our rings to be personalized. We had spotted a beautiful, delicate ring with an initial ‘M’ and it immediately drew our eye; something both of us felt could be used as a reference to customize a ring for David.  It was around this time, that I saw my friend Garima’s ring which was designed by Vinita. I instantly fell in love with the classy ring design, the neatness and finesse of the text engraved – the utmost care put into it, was so obvious. I knew I had to approach Vinita, and already felt a sense of certainty about the justice she would bring to our vision,” recounts Mrinalini.

 Mrinalini also started to visualize and draw out how she wanted her ring to be. She wanted David’s initials as well, but in a band more elaborate and set with diamonds. As she shared the reference images for both the rings, I realized she wanted the rings to be somehow different and personalized. That’s when I suggested that they should write their names and I would use the handwritten initials as the main design element. The fun-loving, bright people that they were, I thought it would be cool for them to wear each other’s initials, sort of like an autograph of your partner that you are flaunting.

Written in the stars


“I had shared my vision with a few local jewelers in Bangalore, India, where I was based at the time, and the designs they had come up with were way off. It was such a relief when Vinita understood exactly what we wanted, despite having never met me in person and the only correspondence being over calls and messages. And I absolutely loved her creative idea of personalization. I feel she understands young, fun designs, unlike many others.”

The first sketch


For David, we created the ring in white gold with a wide band and of course, the ‘M’ that Mrinalini had handwritten and for Mrinalini, we agreed to make the band with pave’ set white round brilliant diamonds with the ‘D’ incorporated into the design. 

The finished rings for the beautiful couple

“The best thing about Vinita is the personal touch that she, so lovingly adds. Not just to her conversations, which make you feel you have known her for years, but also in her designs, which reflect the emotions that you entrust her with. Despite being miles away, communication with her is a piece of cake – her response time is amazing and she is very proactive with ideation and implantation of the design process.”

 “My heart melted when I saw the final ring. It was cool, it was fun, it was different - exactly how we wanted. It made me so excited that I almost dropped it out of the tuk-tuk I was traveling in,” she laughs. 



Mrinalini and David on their big day


Dear Mrinalini and David, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day.  Here’s wishing you a lifetime of fun, adventures and crazy moments while you forever cherish wearing each other’s names in bands that will always remain close to your heart.

 Every piece we custom design, is crafted with care to symbolize your own unique story. To create your own special, personalized piece of jewelry, you can contact us here

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