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It isn’t often that we have the privilege to impact and touch someone deeply, with our work. Fortunately for me, I have had a few such opportunities, as jewelry can be something so much more than a style statement. A personalized piece can carry with it sentiments, memories and stories that our clients and eventually us, cherish for a lifetime...

When my friend Kavita told me about a gemstone close to her heart I knew this was one of those moments when I had the chance to do the same, and an immensely special one at that.

The beautiful oval cabochon cut jade , a classic heirloom piece, belonged to her mother.

“I lost my mom to cancer two years back. She loved her jewelry and over the years had added some stunning pieces to her collection. As an Army wife, she would go out often and flaunt her style with confidence. Some reflected her delicate style, some stood out as classic traditional pieces. She especially loved her stones. After she passed away, she left behind this legacy that was as much a part of her personality as anything else. One particular neckpiece adorned with a beautiful jade pendant was close to her heart; the stone (which was her favorite as she always wanted a jade) was a gift from my father who had picked it up during one of his travels. Mom loved this stone so much that she had it on even the day she passed away…  I instantly knew, I wanted to wear that special stone as a beautiful memory of my mother.”

“For someone like me, who wasn’t much of a jewelry person before, I knew Vinita was the right person to turn to. Having seen her work (and loved it) I was sure she would be able to understand and help me translate my vision for this stone into a jewelry piece perfectly,” she says.

Kavita’s mom wearing the jade neck piece


Kavita wasn’t sure if she wanted to wear the stone as a pendant or a ring. What she was sure though was that she wanted it to be a statement piece and the design to incorporate two things her mom loved - gold and paisley motifs. Keeping in mind these details, we agreed that a bold, statement ring will best incorporate all the elements that symbolized her mom’s personal taste, as well as reflect Kavita’s aesthetic.

  Initial design sketch


“I have always loved Vinita’s aesthetic and design skills, but what I love most is the passion and care she infuses in the process of creating something so personal. She gets it, she feels for the person who she creates it for. She kept me updated at every step of the process. When I saw the first sketch, I immediately fell in love and was assured that the final piece will exceed my expectations,” Kavita, recounts.

The final piece


Kavita looking radiant in her heirloom jewel


As the final piece was ready and I handed it over to her, she said something, that made me feel all the more humbled and grateful to play a part in keeping her mother’s memories and more importantly, persona alive.

“If my mum was here with us, she would be wearing this piece all the time.. this would be her favourite.”

From mom to daughter


Dear Kavita, thank you for trusting me with something so precious and close to your heart, and giving me an opportunity to create a beautiful memory for you to wear forever...

Every piece we custom design, is crafted with care to symbolize your own unique story. To create your own special, personalized piece of jewelry, you can contact us here 

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