Ideas to find her ring size without her knowing

sajoy cherianComment

1) Find one of her rings to get an idea 

This is potentially the least demanding and most established trick in the book. In the event that your better half is away – or in the event that you know she totally won't see one of her rings gone – you can remove a ring from her jewelrybox and do a couple of things with it:

Take it straight to the jewelry specialist and they'll size it for you 

- Use a pen and paper (or your finger) to archive her size: You can follow within her ring on a bit of paper and after that your jewelry specialist can make sense of the distance across of her ring from your sketch 

2) Girls talk about these stuff (trust me), so it’s probably easier than you think to have a friend sneak the topic into the conversation. They also – quite frankly – might already know the answer. Here are a few tips:

- Choose a friend or two that as of now has a wedding ring . At brunch, have one of the friends to bring up the conversation about rings and after that propose they all swap and attempt each other's on. At the point when your [ringless] better half tries her friends on, they'll have the understanding to judge how huge or little their ring was on her. She may even drop a few hints with respect to what she needs in this conversation, so remind the friends to keep their ears open for more than simply estimate subtle elements

- Have her best friend ask her straight forward. This is somewhat of a best friends duty – to ensure your BFF gets the ring she had always wanted. We ladies realize that men ask our closest companions, sisters, and mothers for counsel on these things, so why not ask her best friends 

3) Fake a Gift for Someone Else 

In the event that you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt the most ideal approach to discover her ring size is specifically from the source, ask your sweetheart in an extremely subtle, smooth way. You can imagine, for instance, that you are going to purchase a ring for your mother/sister/auntie/niece and so on for her (whatever event). Ensure that this person is somebody whose hands are comparative in size to your better half.  Approach what her ring size is for reference. In the event that you truly need to expand the trick, buy an economical ring and show it to her. Have her attempt it on and everything! 

4) Utilize a String 

When in doubt, you can simply attempt the old school technique: tie a string around her finger while she's asleep! 

Good luck!