Jewelry which can be worn during Diwali

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Deepawali, is known world over for its "Phatakas" or fireworks, yet what is theimportance of this celebration loaded with lights and color? Praised all over northern India in complete force, Diwali is the weeklong festival to respect the arrival of the King Ram, the King of Ayodhya following 14 years of outcast. It is additionally celebrated to mean the triumph of good over evil which is the reason homes all over light Diya's to illuminate each side of the house.


I have listed below some of the jewelry which can be worn during this celebrated season

DIY Jewelry storage ideas in UAE

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Today we're bringing to you 10 astounding and creative DIY jewelry storage ideas that will help you store and maintain your most loved jewelry pieces, while keeping them in your easy reach. What's more, showcasing your jewels is an an attractive layout is a great idea to bring a little personality and zing to your space. Whether you require a place to keep those statement rings conveniently or you need something that will keep those studs from getting lost, you are certain to locate the ideal storage solution for your jewelry right here














source: Instagram

source: Instagram




Ideas to find her ring size without her knowing

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1) Find one of her rings to get an idea 

This is potentially the least demanding and most established trick in the book. In the event that your better half is away – or in the event that you know she totally won't see one of her rings gone – you can remove a ring from her jewelrybox and do a couple of things with it:

Take it straight to the jewelry specialist and they'll size it for you 

- Use a pen and paper (or your finger) to archive her size: You can follow within her ring on a bit of paper and after that your jewelry specialist can make sense of the distance across of her ring from your sketch 

2) Girls talk about these stuff (trust me), so it’s probably easier than you think to have a friend sneak the topic into the conversation. They also – quite frankly – might already know the answer. Here are a few tips:

- Choose a friend or two that as of now has a wedding ring . At brunch, have one of the friends to bring up the conversation about rings and after that propose they all swap and attempt each other's on. At the point when your [ringless] better half tries her friends on, they'll have the understanding to judge how huge or little their ring was on her. She may even drop a few hints with respect to what she needs in this conversation, so remind the friends to keep their ears open for more than simply estimate subtle elements

- Have her best friend ask her straight forward. This is somewhat of a best friends duty – to ensure your BFF gets the ring she had always wanted. We ladies realize that men ask our closest companions, sisters, and mothers for counsel on these things, so why not ask her best friends 

3) Fake a Gift for Someone Else 

In the event that you are certain beyond a shadow of a doubt the most ideal approach to discover her ring size is specifically from the source, ask your sweetheart in an extremely subtle, smooth way. You can imagine, for instance, that you are going to purchase a ring for your mother/sister/auntie/niece and so on for her (whatever event). Ensure that this person is somebody whose hands are comparative in size to your better half.  Approach what her ring size is for reference. In the event that you truly need to expand the trick, buy an economical ring and show it to her. Have her attempt it on and everything! 

4) Utilize a String 

When in doubt, you can simply attempt the old school technique: tie a string around her finger while she's asleep! 

Good luck! 

How to distinguish between Real gold, Gold-plated and Gold-filled jewelry?

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Gold-plated jewelry comprises of a metal other than gold such precious metals like Silver or non precious metals like Brass, Copper etc which is covered with a slim layer of gold through a chemical procedure. On the other hand, gold-filled jewelry has a thicker layer of gold clung to the base metal through heat and pressure. Though both gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry comprise of a base layer secured with gold, they differ in the process used to coat the base metal with gold. 


Copper and silver are the among the most common types of metal electroplated with gold. Gold-plated silver is called silver gilt. Brass is the most widely recognized base metal used for making gold-filled jewelry. Quality gold-filled pieces are hard to recognize from14-carat gold. 


An easy method of finding out whether the jewelry is gold, silver, gold plated or gold filled is by checking the piece for the hallmark stamp on the jewelry.


It is important to note that in order to maintain the appearance of gold plated and gold filled jewelry, proper care has to be taken. Take care to not place it in water or spray perfume over the piece. Also when not being worn, the jewelry should be stored in a dedicated airtight container.


Our Jewelry is divided into two main segments based on the choice of metal :


  1. Vinita Michael Fine Jewelry : Crafted in 18K Gold, set with diamonds and precious gems
  2. Vinita Michael Premium Fashion Accessories : Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver, set with crystals from Swarovski. 

How to find Your Ring Size

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  • The first step is to gather the materials required : You can either have a small piece of string or a piece of paper


  • The second step is to cut the string approximately 6 inches long. 


  • If the string is not available, a piece of paper about 6 inches long and 1/4 inch wide also works.


  • Wrap the string or paper around the finger (Have a friend help if necessary)


  • Wrap the string or strip of paper around the ring finger, pulling it snug but not too tight.


  • Mark the spot where the end of the string or paper overlaps.


  • Remove the string or paper and measure


  • Take the string or piece of paper from around the finger. 


  • Hold it up to a ring measuring chart, or use the following measurements: size 5 is 1 1/16 inch, size 6 is 1 1/8 inch, size 7 is 1 3/16 inch, size 8 is 1 1/4 inch, size 9 is 1 5/16 inch, size 10 is 1 6/16 inch, size 11 is 1 7/16 inch, size 12 is 1 1/2 inch, size 13 is 1 9/16 inch, and size 14 is 1 5/8 inch. Men's and women's rings are measured identically.


  • Round up to larger size if necessary


  • If the string method falls between two sizes, choose the larger size for the ring.


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A few days back, I had penned down an article listing my pick of ‘top 10 styles of Engagement and Wedding rings’. My no.1 pick was the personalized version. A jewelry piece always says so much – and what I like most about personalized jewelry is that it says it in your unique way! Over the years, I have been fortunate to work alongside some lovely clients to create bespoke pieces for them. I must admit that designing and crafting Bridal or Wedding Jewelry is always a special experience as it marks such an important milestone in the couple’s lives. And to be trusted with creating a symbolic jewel that is inspired by their unique story and sentiments, is a matter of much joy and honor. I happened to get in touch with a lovely couple I had worked with sometime back, and got down to recounting our experience of working on their personalized wedding rings. 

Leah's Engagement ring and personalized custom crafted wedding ring

Leah's Engagement ring and personalized custom crafted wedding ring

I met Leah and Andrew in the early summer months of 2015. They were in the midst of planning their wedding and looking to get personalized wedding rings for their big day. 

I remember being particularly impressed with Leah’s knowledge of gemstones and the types of different stone settings we could explore. I later found out that while in secondary school, during the summer she had worked at a jewelry store in her hometown. “I knew a few styles and settings I liked and preferred more of the prong set band, rather than channel set etc. When I decided to use stones with personal meaning it meant finding the right person to help create my vision”, she says. 

She shared with me a beautiful gold bracelet, set with diamonds and sapphires. The bracelet had a lovely story behind it and Leah was keen to explore the option of using the gemstones from the bracelet in her ring. 

The embroidered satin patch was sewn into the lining of Leah's dress so that she could keep a picture of her dad with her throughout the day and as she walked down the aisle

The embroidered satin patch was sewn into the lining of Leah's dress so that she could keep a picture of her dad with her throughout the day and as she walked down the aisle

“I love and cherish things with sentimental value. My dad passed away when I was young, and I have held onto a few items of his or things he gave my mom. One of those was a bracelet with sapphires and diamonds. It was one of two bracelets, the other was shared with my sister when she had her first child. My mom was born in September so my dad always liked to give her jewelry with her birthstone. Not always knowing what I would necessarily do with the bracelet, I always kept it in my jewelry box as a special memento. After Andrew and I got engaged and started to discuss our wedding bands it seemed only natural to use the bracelet. It was a way I could incorporate my dad into our special day, and not only have him as a part of that day, but a part of our marriage forever. Knowing that the band I wear everyday was part of my parents’ marriage made it all the more special.”

Leah and her dad

Leah and her dad

The first step was to clean the diamonds and sapphires and see if we could still use them by inspecting them for any fractures. Knowing the history behind the bracelet, I was very keen to use the stones in the ring and was elated to note that the gems were still in great condition. Later, I graded the diamonds for their cut, weight, color and clarity so that if we needed to source additional diamonds, we knew what factors to look for. 

The Ferguson wedding

The Ferguson wedding

The next step was the designing process. I knew that Leah intended to wear both rings in one finger, so it was important that the engagement ring and the wedding ring complemented each other. Her engagement ring was an 18K White Gold three-stone-ring set with an oval cut diamond flanked by pear cuts on either sides. We both agreed that a white gold band set with alternating diamonds and sapphires in prong setting would go beautifully with the wedding ring. As for the thickness of the band and the height at which the stones would be set, I took reference from the engagement ring. The setting height was worked out in a manner such that when the two rings were worn together, the center oval cut diamond of the engagement ring appeared highest, and the round diamonds and sapphires of the wedding band appeared a step lower. This would ensure that while the rings sat flush, the stones did not not clash at any point. 

A closeup of the rings

A closeup of the rings

Andrew gravitated towards a casual understated look for his ring. As he wasn’t used to wearing jewelry on an everyday basis, we decided to go with a classic band in 18K White Gold with Matte Brush finish, which he was comfortable to wear daily, in terms of both the look and the feel.

“We had a wonderful experience with Vinita. We both work and Vinita was very accommodating when it came to scheduling appointments to design and try on the bands etc. She worked with us every step of the way, meeting a few times throughout the design and manufacturing process, to make sure we were happy with the style and fit. All of these factors ensured that when we received the final bands, they were perfect!”, recount Leah and Andrew happily. 

Dear Leah and Andrew, it was an absolute pleasure creating your wedding rings, and thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of your beautiful fairytale, and I wish for you a lifetime of love and blessed togetherness! 


Leah and Andrew at their wedding

Leah and Andrew at their wedding

To create your own personalized wedding/engagement ring you can contact us here 

Name *

How to clean your Jewelry

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How to clean your Jewelry

Please note that this method is applicable only for Fine Jewellery ( Gold, Platinum ) and non-plated 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. You would need a few items before starting the process. It is fairly simple DIY process - soak the earrings in mild detergent and warm water, and gently scrub it with a toothbrush. Finally, wipe it dry with a soft cloth to restore its beauty.

Here’s the step by step procedure : 

  • Gather materials : dish soap, toothbrush and soft cloth, two shallow bowls, a strainer, mild dish soap, warm water, old toothbrushes and lint-free cloths.
  • Gather the jewelry that need to be cleaned. Additional cloths can be useful for lining the work surface to protect it and the jewelry.
  • Soak jewelry : Add to the bowl a few drops of soap and enough warm water to cover the earrings. Place jewelry in strainer, lower into water and soak for five minutes.
  • Scrub gently : If needed, use an old toothbrush to gently scrub away dirt and grime. Be careful not to loosen any stones or settings.
  • Rinse, and dry : Fill another bowl with more warm water. Return the jewelry to the strainer, and submerge in clean rinse water. Swish them around if necessary. Remove, then dry with a lint-free cloth. Buff to restore the shine.

Clean pearl jewelry : For pearl earrings, soaking is not recommended, since a soak can damage the pearls. Instead lay them on a soft cloth, then brush them gently with a soft brush dipped in mild soapy water. Rinse them with a damp, soft cloth. Allow the pearl earrings to air dry.

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How to fix a ring that is too big for a finger?

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How to fix a ring that is too big for a finger?  

To fix a ring that is too big for the finger it rests upon, apply something to the inner side of the bottom, such as a liquid rubber solution like Cushion Solution or a ring guard. You need one of the following: Cushion Solution, a ring guard or adhesive moleskin.


Apply Cushion Solution : Apply a thin layer of the Cushion Solution substance to the inner side of the bottom of the ring. Allow the solution to dry overnight. If the solution makes the ring too small and causes the finger to swell, scrape the layer off. Apply a thinner layer or attempt a different solution.

Attach a ring guard : Purchase a ring guard that matches the material of the ring, or purchase one that is transparent. Attach the guard to the inside of the bottom of the ring, and slide it up or down until the ring is a perfect fit.

Attach an adhesive material : Apply an adhesive material as a last resort solution. Cut a piece of adhesive moleskin that is as wide as the ring. Attach the adhesive to the inner side of the ring. Apply as many layers as needed until the ring fits perfectly on your finger.

Consult your jeweler : While the above listed methods are simple DIY solutions, it is important to note that these are not the most secure or reliable options. These do work great as temporary solutions though, for instance, if the ring gets slightly loose due to sudden weight loss etc. However, should there be a drastic difference in the size of the ring and the ring size of the wearer, it is best to take it to your jeweler and have it resized, especially if it is an expensive piece or a ring with high sentimental value.

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Top 10 engagement ring styles

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For a couple, planning their wedding day is one of the most special experiences of their lives. Right from choosing the venue to the wedding dress, many things require making several decisions and spending enough time together on them. The engagement ring and the wedding ring to me are two of the most important things associated with the journey to this historical day, as they are going to last with you forever, unlike most other items which will be tucked away with the end of the ceremony. 

While my personal advise to the groom/ couple is to always view the diamonds upfront before making the purchase, especially when it is for an important milestone jewel such as the engagement or wedding ring, online engagement and wedding jewelry shopping has definitely experienced a huge wave of acceptance in recent times. 


One of the greatest advantage of buying your engagement ring from an online jeweler in Dubai or internationally, is the multiple style of engagement rings you get the access to, on a single platform. We provide different styles according to your taste and if we don’t have a style you want, we can personalize a ring for you. Our fine jewelry is crafted in 18K gold and set with certified diamonds and other precious colored gemstones.

Here is my pick of the 10 most popular styles of engagement and wedding rings : 

10. Solitaire ring set with a Round brilliant diamond


This classic style continues to be one of the most popular style for engagement rings. Round brilliant diamonds make up of about 75% of all diamond purchases and offer the most sparkle out of all the diamonds. 

The crown has a table facet, bezel facets, star facets, and upper half facets.  Below the girdle, the pavilion has lower half facets, pavilion main facets and a culet. The number, size, and the way in which the features are placed convey the amazing sparkle. 


Points to note before you buy round brilliant diamond engagement rings in Dubai :

* When you shop for diamond in Dubai be aware of the lighting under which you view it.

*  RBC (Round Brilliant Cut) diamond has the maximum fire (red, blue, yellow or orange flashes) and brilliance (brightness) when you view it under the light. It reflects almost all the light that enters the diamond creating the maximum sparkle and life. 

* The cut grade is an important aspect in deciding the general appearance of a diamond. A poorly cut diamond will appear to be dull even if it has great clarity and color.  On the other hand, a well-cut diamond can have a lower color (G-H) or clarity (SI1-SI2) and still look stunning, because of its better feature to create a sparkle and brilliance

9. Solitaire ring with Fancy cut diamond

Basically, all diamond cuts sold for use in jewelry are one of ten fancy or round cut diamond shapes. The most well-known diamond shapes are:

* Round – round brilliant cut diamond

* Princess– square princess cut diamond

* Emerald cut – rectangular step cut diamond

* Oval cut – similar to the round brilliant but elongated like an oval

* Marquise cut – boat shaped with pointed ends

* Heart cut – romantic heart shaped brilliant cut

* Pear cut - pear shaped diamond is a mix of a round and a marquise shape, with a diminished point toward one side

* Cushion cut - The cushion cut diamond is a combination of a square cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow

* Asscher cut - The Asscher cut diamond is similar to the emerald cut, It is a stepped square cut with larger step facets, a higher crown, and a smaller table. the Asscher has cropped corners

* Radiant cut - The radiant cut diamond is a combination of the sparkle of the Emerald cut diamond and the brilliance of the Round.

8. Three stone ring 

Three stone rings are very popular and for good reason. They are are another timeless style.The Proportion is an important factor in the aesthetics of a three stone ring. You shouldkeep in mind the centre stone size and whether that specific size will work in three stone design. In our opinion, focusing towards the centre while keeping the sides proportionate (length to width ratio) will give you the most elegantly balanced finished ring. The cutting style of the side stones is also an important factor to be considered while choosing a three stone ring.

Points to note before you buy three stone engagement rings in Dubai       

  • Be sure to have the ring independently properly evaluated.
  • Stress on proper certification of the diamonds. 
  • Ensure that the height difference between the centre and side diamonds is uniform and the diamonds securely set. 

7. Trinity ring


Three bands of three colors : Pink, yellow and white gold stand for love, fidelity and friendship. The three colors are intertwined to a beautiful craft known as Trinity ring style created by the Louis Cartier in 1924.

Point to note before you buy Trinity rings in Dubai        

  • It is a little difficult to have a Trinity ring resized to fit the finger. Therefore knowledge of the exact ring size is crucial.

6. Eternity band


For me, a diamond eternity band displays an eternal expression when worn as an engagement or wedding ring. With a row or multiple lines of diamonds that circle the ring entirely, these bands are elegant from any angle and exhibit an eternal radiance unmatched by other styles.

While considering an eternity band it is essential to remember the cut and size of the diamonds, the setting style, and the width of the band. 

Points to note before you buy eternity band in Dubai : 

  • It is quite difficult to have an eternity ring resized to fit the finger. Therefore knowledge of the exact ring size is crucial.
  • Stress on proper certification of the diamonds
  • The diamonds should complement each other in terms of color, clarity and cut. 

5. Half eternity band


Half eternity band are quite popular as well. Rather than a complete circle of diamonds like in a diamond eternity ring, half-eternity rings just have diamonds on the face of the wedding band. It's a less expensive alternative compared to eternity rings since an only half a number of diamonds are used, unless you decide to go for bigger size of the diamonds .

Points to note before you buy half eternity band online in Dubai

  • Stress on proper certification of the diamonds
  • The diamonds should complement each other in terms of color, clarity and cut. 
  • Consider the choice of metal color : 18K Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow gold as it can add dollops to the overall look. 

4. Split shank engagement rings


In a Split shank engagement ring, the shank is the unique feature of the engagement ring. The Shank is basically the band of the ring or the part that supports the middle setting. In a split shank ring, it splits in half till the center. It could be diamond studded, plain platinum, engraved, curved (hello lace shank), or doubled or tripled up. 

It gives the ring an open look, by opening up the negative space between two shanks. It can make the middle stone look much bigger. Itgives the engagement ring a modern and classy vibe, and still leaves a lot of space for unique customization. 

Points to note before you buy split shank engagement rings online in Dubai

  • Stress on proper certification of the diamonds
  • Keep in mind the size of the centre stone. It should still stay as the focal point of the ring.
  • Keep in mind the ring size of the wearer. The design features of the shank should not appear overwhelming to the wearer for daily wear. 

3. Engagement ring and wedding band sets


While your wedding ring and engagement ring don't need to be worn as one, if you do want to wear them together, it's essential that the band doesn't overpower the engagement ring. Balance is essential!

Points to note before you Buy engagement ring and wedding band sets online in Dubai :

  • The diamonds should complement each other in terms of color, clarity and cut
  • The design of the engagement ring and wedding ring should complement each other and ideally, the bands should sit flush when worn together.

2. Pop of color

To most women, diamonds are their best friends. However, in some cases, not everybody wants a clear sparkler. Nowadays ladies are looking out for added color like never before for their unique rings.

Emeralds are such a lovely choice for an engagement ring. Symbolizing affection and trust, it is positively a suitable stone to decide. Another popular option is sapphire, which symbolizes faithfulness and sincerity. 

Points to note before you Buy pop of color on diamond rings online in Dubai : 

  • Keep in mind the size of the centre stone. It should still stay as the focal point of the ring
  • Keep in mind the size, color and cut of the surrounding diamonds. 
  • Consider the choice of metal color : 18K Rose Gold, White Gold or Yellow gold. It should complement the choice of color of the stones. 

1. Personalized Engagement rings and Wedding Bands

There are the innumerable styles of engagement and wedding rings, and then there is the personalized ring. There is always something about wearing a personalized and custom crafted ring. What I like about personalized rings is that it says a thousand things, and it says it your way !

Working with your trusted jeweler and creating a symbolic jewel that is inspired by your unique story and sentiments, seems like the most befitting way to mark such an important milestone in your life. 

Should you wish to create a unique designer ring for your special day, contact us here and our team will be in touch with you : Contact Vinita Michael

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GET THE LOOK : Priyanka Chopra 

Priyanka Chopra is unquestionably the ‘It’ girl of the moment.  She has been basking in the glory of her well deserved success in India and in Hollywood. And while at it, she has always managed to keep her style game strong. Priyanka Chopra’s wardrobe and style choices come across as easy, elegant, feminine and above all, effortlessly stylish!

Here are four of my personal favorite styles seen on her over the years and also details on where you could buy the designer fashion and celebrity designer jewelry online: 

  1. In Theia Couture and jewels from Vinita Michael 


Starting off with our top pick! The look was styled by Ami Patel for the 21ST Lion’s Award ceremony, where Priyanka won the best actress award for her performance in and as Mary Kom. I loved the boat neck cap sleeve top teamed with the hot pink taffeta skirt, by Theia Couture. She accessorized her look with one off a kind, statement ear studs form our ‘African Rhapsody’ collection. The earrings are crafted in gold plated 925 sterling silver. The highlight for me in terms of the hair and makeup was the feminine side bun. It added dollops to her whole easy feminine look. 

Get the look :

Buy Theia Couture dress worn by Priyanka Chopra:

Buy Priyanka Chopra earrings by Vinita Michael:


2. In Victoria Beckham  


I absolutely loved this Red piece by Victoria Beckham on Priyanka. Right from the color to the cut, the dress complemented the gorgeous actress perfectly. The classic black pumps teamed with the light dewy makeup and soft curls finished off the look nicely. 


Get the look : 

Buy Victoria Beckham dress worn by Priyanka Chopra :



3. In Verb by Pallavi Singhee and Jewels by Vinita Michael  


This is easiy one of the most adorable outfits for a weekend brunch. Don’t you think ? I love the tea length of the dress and the heart prints on the candy pink tone. It is easy, feminine and stylish ! The look was accessorized with our floral ring from our ‘Impressions of a Geisha’ collection. The ring is crafted in Rose gold plated 925 sterling silver and set with crystal briolette from Swarovski. 

Get the look : Buy Verb by Pallavi Singhee Dress won by Priyanka Chopra:

Buy Vinita Michael ring worn by Priyanka Chopra :

4. In Versace 


Priyanka oozed oomph on the red carpet at the Bill Board Music Awards 2016, in this cobalt blue Versace head turner. I loved the buckle strap detail which gave it an edgy factor. The feminine silhouette of the dress complemented the star’s super toned frame. The matte make up and messy fishtail braid finished her easy glam look ! 


Buy Versace dress worn by Priyanka Chopra :

Which one did you love the most ? 

6 Reasons to buy jewelry online

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6 Reasons to buy jewelry online

When you're ready to purchase your next jewelry, consider purchasing the jewelry online. The Internet offers various interesting shopping points of interest, whether you're a first-time buyer or an e-shopping veteran:

1. Comparison shopping: One reason shoppers prefer to regularly shop online is that they can survey and analyze different jewelry on the basis of price and quality. Sites have the ability to offer a much more extensive choice of stock available to be purchased in one spot than a conventional brick-and-mortar store. This means that you can have access to bespoke, one of a kind jewelry pieces that you won't find anywhere else.

2. Ease of Purchase: Instead of travelling all the way to the store, finding parking, making way through the crowd, eventually leaving you drained even before the actual shopping commences, give smart online shopping a go! Smart online customers basically explore through the website, compare different jewelry and select the best fit for themselves.

3. Value: Since an Internet retailer working on a made-to-order model has lesser physical stock and other overhead expenses than a brick-and-mortar retailer, these savings can be passed on to you, the purchaser, as amazing deals on the most recent merchandise.

4. Authenticity: Vinita Michael is an Ingredient Branding Partner of Swarovski. The pieces available on the Vinita Michael e-shop are crafted in 925 sterling silver and set with authentic crystals from Swarovski.  

5. Security: Most sites, included, ensure that all individual data you provide for payment or registration purposes are encrypted by the latest security protocols. This eliminates the danger of data interception, data manipulation, fraud and hacking.

6. Stay up to date: Stay on top of the style game by keeping up with our new blog series ‘Get the look’. The series will feature the best looks sported by celebrities and where you can shop for the exclusive pieces.  Our second series ‘Creative process’ provides an insight into what goes behind making each of the unique collections we offer. Additionally, we will be also educating our readers on different types of Jewelry and its significance in the upcoming blog series

GET THE LOOK : Madhuri Dixit on SYTYCD India

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The current season of So You Think You Can Dance ( SYTYCD ) India version has just drawn to a close and one of our favorite things about the Dance Reality Show has been the ever graceful and elegant Madhuri Dixit and her wardrobe which brought together creations by top fashion designers and top jewelry designers– who was one of the befitting judges at the show. Week after week she pulled off looks to die for, styled by the amazing Ami Patel and her team. 

Here are three of my personal favorite styles and also details on where you could get these fabulous pieces! 

1. In Pankaj and Nidhi and jewels from Vinita Michael

Starting off with our top pick! Ok, I may be biased here for It was pure joy seeing the gorgeous diva accessorizing her look with one of my personal favorites from our latest offering, Celestia. The unique designer earrings set with Swarovskis are the go to jewels to accessorize a day to night look! The jade green tea length dress complemented her easy and effortlessly elegant persona. Her signature loose curls and dewy makeup finished off her look. 

Get the look :

Pankaj and Nidhi tea length dress :

Buy Earrings :

2. In Dolce and Gabbana and Jewels from Minerali and Atelier Mon 

I totally loved this floral one piece on Madhuri – Feminine and classy, it complements her spirited personality perfectly. The floral fitted dress was tastefully teamed with glittering diamond jewels. The light and dewy makeup, with soft wavy curls rounded up her look. 

Get the look : 

Buy Dolce and Gabba floral dress :

Buy Jewelry :

3. In Theia Couture and jewels from P.N Gadgil 

Doesn’t Madhuri look like a Kashmir Sapphire carved to perfection in this elegant creation by Theia Couture. Tastefully accessorized with diamond earrings and ring from PNG, her natural look makeup and softly curled tresses finished off her look gorgeously.

Get the look :

Buy Theia Couture cowl neck gown :

Buy diamond earrings:

Which one was your personal favorite ? Let us know ☺ 


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Ramadan has just commenced today and I wish all those observing the holy month a blessed time of peace, joy and togetherness!

Ramadan is a significant month in the Islamic calendar and in UAE, the period is marked by a host of Ramadan-related activities. Emirati hospitality and traditions are very evident during this month as Iftars are hosted across Dubai and the rest of the country and residents from different nationalities come together to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan. 

I personally so look forward to the gorgeous Ramadan tents and scrumptious Iftars. 

Which brings us to our next question – ‘What jewelry to wear during Ramadan’ ?

 It is important to be mindful of the local culture especially at this time, so it would be wise to dress a bit modest and conservatively. Go for outfits that cover your shoulders and your knees. An elegant kaftan paired with long earrings and a statement ring would be my pick. A straight fit calf length dress teamed with a statement brooch and minimalistic earrings would be another modern alternative. 

For those on the lookout for designer jewelry for Ramadan , we have put together a bespoke jewelry collection called ‘Celestia’. The collection comprises of elegant and easy to team pieces inspired by the motif of Crescent moon, a prominent form symbolic of the holy month. 


Besides other elegant picks, the collection includes Crescent shaped brooches, headpieces, Crescent rings and earrings set with Crescent cut crystals from Swarovski. They make for great accessory choices to liven up your ensemble, and also make for thoughtful jewelry gifts for Ramadan and Eid-Ul-Fitr. The pieces are crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and set with crystals from Swarovski. 


Happy to share with you that throughout this month, we are offering a 10% Ramadan shopping discount for jewelry from all our collections along with Free Shipping! 

View the entire collection here


Between dreams and our best kept secrets: ‘ZIBA’ for Bluestone

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Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with the well-renowned brand and one of the top online shops in India for jewelry, Bluestone, for the development of a bespoke jewelry collection that we have lovingly christened ‘Ziba’. The Persian art inspired jewelry line brings forth a fusion of traditional jewel craft detailing and contemporary design conceptualizations. 


The Ziba collection for bluestone was developed keeping today’s woman in mind – Who juggles multiple roles at work and home and still finds the time to look well put together. The collection comprises of practical and easy to wear jewelry pieces, crafted in 18k gold and set with diamonds and other precious colored gemstones. Plush colors of enameling add to the detailing of the pieces. 

One of my main objectives while working on this collaboration with bluestone was to present women with options that they would love to wear often. Be it jewelry for casual get-togethers and brunches, formal dos, office wear, vacations, parties or to mark a special occasion such as weddings and anniversaries, there’s something for everyone. The collection comprises of cocktail rings, two finger rings, palm cuffs, bangles, earrings, necklaces and pendants. 

Here are some of my picks from the line :


An evening out or a cocktail to attend? The Aynaz palm cuff is the ‘It’ hand accessory!


With a statement piece such as this, keep the rest of jewelry styling simple. 


Fresh as a daisy and light as a feather, the Shokufeh jewels will add an ethereal elegance to your look


Add a touch of feminine blush with the Gulbahar earrings and co ordinated ring. 


The Elaheh earrings are elegant and versatile and can easily slip from a style statement for a day about town to a classy night out.  


Would love to hear how you would style Ziba. View the the collection here 


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Every piece has a story to tell - be it in its colors, the materials used or the way it was made... But when it is about a dazzling statement necklace that you have handcrafted with your 2-year-old baby and it gets handpicked for an exclusive photoshoot feature on top fashion and jewelry designers in the middle east by the international brand Swarovski, you know it’s a story to remember! 

Swarovski celebrated one of the most treasured cultures in the world with an exclusive “Neo-Arabia” photoshoot which features in the current May 2016 edition of Swarovski Online Magazine. Photographed against a timeless Arabian backdrop, eight Dubai jewelry and fashion bloggers—Deema Alasadi, Zahra Lyla, Mariyah Gaspacho, Fatma Husam, Salima Feerasta, Nicoleta Buru, Zarah Amira and Soraya Pena—modeled pieces from regional and international designers that merged historical Middle Eastern references with 21st-century modernity. Captured by ace fashion photographer, Tanya Aranautov and styled by the amazing Vasil Bozhilov, the images are nothing short of a dream. 

‘A burst of colors’ is a handcrafted necklace where ropes of colored mesh pipes filled with an assortment of glistening crystals were strung together. It adorns the gorgeous Dubai fashion blogger, Soraya Pena, in the photoshoot.


The location was the hauntingly beautiful dreamscape of the palatial Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, set amid the rolling sand dunes of Abu Dhabi’s Rub’ Al Khali (the Empty Quarter). Here, a selection of stunning ensembles showcased Swarovski’s founding philosophy of collaborating with designers across the world: Sparkling day looks, elegant special-occasion outfits, traditional wear, kaftans, stunning shoes, accessories and jewelry all shimmered under the desert sky. 

It was an honor to be featured amidst handpicked top regional designers that included AAVVA, Khaadi, Maria. B., Balu Joias and Madiso; international fashion houses were represented by Jean Paul Gaultier, Etienne Aigner and Adelina Rusu; and Rupert Sanderson, whose spectacular shoes are frequently seen on the Royals. Vintage pieces also featured, including Louboutin boots encrusted with Swarovski crystals in which Beyoncé once dazzled her audiences. 

Swarovski has firmly established itself in the world of fashion, art and design through its collaborations with regional and international designers, architects and artists who use Swarovski crystallized elements in their remarkable work. 

View the feature here:

Impressions of a Geisha - My introduction to Swarovski and the creative process

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Recently I was at work on an exciting initiative with Swarovski, a premium brand recognized for its finest cut crystals and for being at forefront of design. We are days away from releasing the final outcome of  their blogger initiative - ‘Neo Arabia’ and I cant wait to share the final shoots with you. As my association with the luxury brand grows stronger, I took some time to reflect on my first interaction with the house, around 2 years ago. 


Swarovski is one of the most trusted names for fashion enthusiasts around the world, especially with the top celebrity designers in the Middle East. The best jewelry designers from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are seen using the sparkling crystals embellish their creations season after season. 


I remember feeling like a child in a candy shop the first time I was exposed to the extensive selection of the crystals at the Swarovski Head Office in Dubai. While the myriad of plush colors and detailed fancy cuts left me completely besotted, what impressed me most was the amount of thought that went behind selecting each form, color and cut detail for these crystals. The carefully put together selection of crystals for a particular season lay the foundation for the design conceptualizations that will mark the season.



My first collection where I used crystals from Swarovski was my Spring Summer 2015 collection ‘Impressions of a geisha’. The collection responded to the progressive trend theme ‘Vivid moments’ and was greatly inspired by one of my favorite movies of all times ‘The memoirs of a geisha’.  The collection comprised of Maiko inspired jewelry which brought forth a contemporary Japanese inspired aesthetic. 

The crystal skulls were one of the biggest fashion trends predicted for the season. They continue to be one of the most striking fashion motifs around and with its iconic silhouette, associated deep meanings and unparalleled versatility, I feel confident that they will continue to attract and engage the top jewelry designers and fashion trendsetters in the middle east and the rest of the world. 

With ‘Impressions of a Geisha’ collection, I tried to add a feminine touch to the skulls by taking cues from the characteristic hairdos of the geishas. The skull faces are flanked by brush textured silver curls on both sides, which symbolize the stiff hair curls of a traditional geisha. The pearls and glistening pave’ balls make for the hair buns, which are further accessorized by miniature handcrafted hair ornaments. 

In addition to the Maiko faces, the Sakura flower or the cherry blossoms were of great inspiration to me while putting together this Oriental inspired jewelry collection, and made for statement earrings, rings and brooches.

The line also includes necklaces, earrings, palm cuffs, hair accessory and a body chain. Some of the pieces from the line have adorned Bollywood A-list celebrities and graced popular fashion magazine covers.


Would love to hear your thoughts on the collection. View the collection here !

Author - Vinita Michael


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After having three successful exhibitions with Divalicious Dubai, we are back again! I’ve always loved showcasing at exhibitions – I believe it is truly one of the best ways to interact with your clients and gauge the market interest in your collections. 

Exhibiting alongside some of the well known celebrity designers in Dubai and Lakme Fashion Week regulars, we are thrilled to put together an assortment of handpicked designs for the event. The selection includes some of our classic best sellers seen on Bollywood royalty, as well as our latest collection ‘Celestia’ which was launched last week at Fashion Forward Dubai. The designs echo the top jewelry and international fashion trends, crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and embellished with crystals from Swarovski. 

Looking for a Hi fashion quick fix or wedding gifting ideas in Dubai? Come say Hi!

April 15th and 16th

Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel

Godolphin ballroom, Sheikh Zayad Road 

11: 00 am – 8:00 pm

Free Entry and Valet 


Author - Vinita Michael


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Fashion forward Dubai Season 7 is round the corner and we’re thrilled and excited to be exhibiting alongside top jewelry and accessory designers in Dubai. The location has been changed to Hai D3 this year, which is believed to be the upcoming hip design home in the region. 

What are we exhibiting?

On display will be our collections – Impressions of a geisha, Pristine and our latest offering ‘Celestia’ - A/W16. ‘Celestia’ is inspired by our want to get acquainted with the unknown, while being accompanied by our most loved. The forms and motifs are inspired by the outer space such as those of the sun and moon. It celebrates a fusion of traditional aesthetics of adornment while the final visual appeal of the pieces echoes a futuristic rendition. The collection is a perfect fit for the beautiful Iftars during the Ramadan season ! 

The collection also consists of a statement hair jewelry piece created in collaboration with Tresemme’ Arabia, and will be on public display for the very first time. 

The timings for the event are:

31st March – 1:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M

1st April – 1:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M

2nd April – 1:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M 

See you there!